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Elton John: Caribou (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: The Bitch Is Back Pinky Grimsby Dixie Lily Solar Prestige A Gammon You're So Static I've Seen The Saucers Stinker Don't Let The Sun Go ...
790,00 грн.
Elton John: Tumbleweed Connection (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Ballad Of A Well Known Gun Come Down In Time Country Comfort Son Of Your Father My Father's Gun Where To Now St. Peter Love Song Amoree ...
790,00 грн.
Frank Zappa: Cruising With Ruben & The Jets (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Cheap Thrills Love Of My Life How Could I Be Such A Fool Deseri I'm Not Satisfied Jelly Roll Gum Drop Anything Later That Night You Did ...
790,00 грн.
George Harrison: George Harrison (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Love Comes To Everyone Not Guilty Here Comes The Moon Soft-Hearted Hana Blow Away Faster Dark Sweet Lady Your Love Is Forever Soft Touc ...
790,00 грн.
George Harrison: Gone Troppo (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Wake Up My Love That's The Way It Goes I Really Love You Greece Gone Troppo Mystical One Unknown Delight Baby Don't Run Away Dream Away ...
790,00 грн.
Roxy Music: Flesh + Blood (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: In The Midnight Hour Oh Yeah Same Old Scene Flesh And Blood My Only Love Over You Eight Miles High Rain Rain Rain No Strange Delight Ru ...
790,00 грн.
Sting: The Complete Studio Collection (16 LP) (Import)
Tracklist: LP 1. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles If You Love Somebody Set Them Free Love Is The Seventh Wave Russians Children's Crusade Shadow's In ...
12 652,00 грн.
U2: The Joshua Tree (2 LP) (Import)
Tracklist: LP 1 Where The Streets Have No Name I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For With Or Without You Bullet The Blue Sky Running To Stand ...
1 260,00 грн.
Bjork: Homogenic (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Hunter Jó ga Unravel Bachelorette All Neon Like 5 Years Immature Alarm Call Pluto All Is Full Of Love Notes: Homogenic is the thi ...
790,00 грн.
David Bowie & Trevor Jones: Labyrinth - From The Original Soundtrack Of The Jim Henson Film (LP) (Import) 790,00 грн.
Frank Zappa And The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra & Chorus: Lumpy Gravy (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Lumpy Gravy - Part I Lumpy Gravy - Part II Notes: Lumpy Gravy is the debut solo album by Frank Zappa, an album of orchestral, electric ...
790,00 грн.
Johnny Cash: American II - Unchained (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Rowboat Sea Of Heartbreak Rusty Cage The One Rose (That' Left In My Heart) Country Boy Memories Are Made Of This Spiritual The Kneeling ...
790,00 грн.
Lady Gaga: Born This Way (2 LP) (Import)
Tracklist: LP 1 Marry The Night Born This Way Government Hooker Judas Americano Hair Scheiß e Bloody Mary Black Jesus &dagger Amen Fashion LP ...
1 441,00 грн.
Vangelis: Rosetta (2 LP) (Import)
Tracklist: LP 1 Origins (Arrival) Starstuff Infinitude Exo Genesis Celestial Whispers Albedo 0.06 Sunlight LP 2 Rosetta Philae's Descent Mission A ...
1 260,00 грн.
Diana Krall: Turn Up The Quiet (2 LP) (Import)
Tracklist: LP 1 Like Someone In Love Isn't It Romantic L-O-V-E Night And Day Sway No Moon At All Dream I'll See You In My Dreams LP 2 I'm Confessi ...
1 260,00 грн.
Evanescence: Fallen (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Going Under Bring Me To Life Everybody's Fool My Immortal Haunted Tourniquet Imaginary Taking Over Me Hello My Last Breath Whisper Note ...
790,00 грн.
Free: Tons Of Sobs (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Over The Green Hills Pt. 1 Worry Walk In My Shadow Wild Indian Woman Goin' Down Slow I'm A Mover The Hunter Moonshine Sweet Tooth Over ...
790,00 грн.
Johnny Hallyday: Gang (2 LP) (Import)
Tracklist: LP 1 L'envie Je T'attends J'oublierai Ton Nom Toute Seule Je Te Promets LP 2 Laura Tu Peux Chercher Dans Mes Nuits... On Oublie Ton Fil ...
1 260,00 грн.
Keith Jarrett: The Survivors' Suite (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: The Survivors' Suite (Beginning) The Survivors' Suite (Conclusion) Notes: The Survivors' Suite, recorded in 1976, is the crowning achie ...
840,00 грн.
Maroon 5: V (LP) (Import)
Tracklist: Maps Animals It Was Always You Unkiss Me Sugar Leaving California In Your Pocket New Love Coming Back For You Feelings My Heart Is Open ...
790,00 грн.
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