Selling Кухонный комбайн CLATRONIC KM 3712 in Ukraine.
Price $132.38. Internet-Shop Служба сервиса

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Кухонный комбайн CLATRONIC KM 3712 Titan

Price:3,573.00 uah
Where To Buy: Служба сервиса
Where to Phone: Contact Info
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Region : Kiev
Characteristics and Description
Brand Name Clatronic
Model Name Кухонный комбайн CLATRONIC KM 3712 Titan
Price, UAH
3,573.00  Where To Buy
Delivery Yes
Enabled (in sight) Yes
WWW Link
Date of Update 28-FEB-19 18:12:54
Seller Information
Seller Name Служба сервиса
Region Kiev
Addresses and Phones Contact Info
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